The Customer Success Framework

Customer Success
What is Customer Success

The 10 Steps to Success

  1. Review & Gain Consensus: Understand what the numbers are today.
  2. Targeted Investment: Establish how much should be invested & why.
  3. Create Segmentation: Optimize the value of your limited resources.
  4. Identify What is in Place Today: Define the "As-Is".  
  5. Determine The Customer’s Definition of Success.  
  6. Focus: Identify the Greatest Opportunity to Increase LTV.  
  7. Define the Customer's Organization: The Renewal & Expansion Team(s) 
  8. Create a "Value Path": Your Company's Vision of Success for the Customer.   
  9. Execution: Define tactics to deliver results that scale.
  10. Agility: Assess the Effectiveness of Your Actions and Evolve.

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