Why a Management Consulting Firm

The Role of Customer Success Needs to be Bettter Defined and Understood!


                           According to Tomasz Tunguz from Redpoint Ventures: 

"The highest correlated factor to post-money valuations for "Series A" SaaS companies 

                         isn’t revenue or revenue growth, it's negative churn."


For something that is this important to your company's future, its value, and how that value is achieved is poorly defined and as such often misunderstood.  The role of Customer Success is to optimize Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) to maximize financial performance and your valuation.  At "The Successful Customer" we start with a top down approach based on well defined business objectives that creates a foundation for your Customer Success efforts.  This foundation enables the creation and execution of tactics that deliver results based on the overall company strategy for growth and financial performance.


The Successful Customer

Tom Lipscomb - CEO & Founder

Customer Success:

My career has been focused on making customers more successful, delivering quantifiable business value.  The expertise and best practices I leverage for my clients was developed over 20 years as an executive in companies ranging from the Fortune 50 to Start-Ups working with customers in North America, Europe, and Asia.

The Recipe for Results: 

25% Strategy – 25% Tactics & Metrics - 40% Execution – 10% Humility

I began my career performing research and moved to operations because of my passion for results. Shortly there after, I took this expertise and focused on how companies work with their customers. For the last 20 years this has been my passion.  It's what makes me tick...

I'm a father with two fantastic kids and an 
        incredible wife, the love of my life...

I'm a father with two fantastic kids and an incredible wife, the love of my life...