Financial Foundations


Value and Cost: Why it is foundational!

Customer Success is all about the numbers...  

People take offense at this statement, but it's true.  Of course first and foremost are your customer numbers, quantification of the value they derive from their investment in your company... an ROI.   The fact is driving your customer numbers are not just good for them, it is the foundation of your business.  Nothing matters more! To drive this value requires us to look at our numbers too.  Not just metrics like net churn, retention, and expansion, but also the investment required to achieve our business objectives.  

                                                                                       The why, when and how much to invest in Customer Success.


Customer Segmentation: Why it is so Critical

It's a hard fact that for most companies, some customers are more valuable than others.  Determining what this means for your company and developing a segmentation strategy that aligns with it is critical.  It enables you to develop and execute on a plan that optimizes net-retention and burn rate.  It is also critical to your future product direction and in achieving improved Customer Lifetime Value & Customer Acquisition Costs.  (LTV:CAC)


The Result: A Foundation that Scales

When you combine a financial basis for customer success with a solid segmentation approach you have laid a foundation that will scale.  It lets you align your organization, its efforts, and evolution of your tactics with that of the company's strategy.  It provides a basis for a solid yet inherently agile approach to growth... One that scales.