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The Importance of Allocating Resources!

"For all the time managers spend developing their companies’ strategic plans, they don’t always succeed at reflecting those strategic priorities in subsequent budgeting decisions."

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The Ten Steps

The Ten Steps are based on a lifetime of experience working with customer on a global basis combined with the research and insights from others!

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Customer Success: Impact on Valuations



Did you know that the highest correlated factor to post-money valuations for Series A SaaS companies isn’t revenue or revenue growth, it's negative churn? 

How Much Others Invest in Customer Success



As a Benchmark, or a Starting Point for Your Customer Success Organization... This Research Provide a Comprehensive Look at private SaaS company revenue acquisition costs!

The Importance Of Allocating Resources for Success


McKinsey & Company

At The Successful Customer the foundation built in the Ten Steps is based on the allocation of resources.  Check out what McKinsey has to say on the subject! 

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